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Need delete button

Completed Thoiruddin 3 years ago


I think you should put delete button which is required for user to delete their own instance. I didn't see any on dashboard.

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Thanks for your feedback.

Wonder that delete button meaning delete the instance or terminate the service on next billing cycle?



Both of them is also good. But make it priority for instance. Let say, if I made a problem within setup on my server by using Centos, I can rebuild OS back but if I don't want to use it anymore, and want to try with other linux like ubuntu or windows server, I can delete my "not working/don't use anymore" instances. I know I can make 2 or 3 instances, but that will reduces my resources for the server.



For the case try to build other Linux OS, panel provides rebuild OS feature let user easier complete this task.

And we will launch more Linux OS template in the future.


We are pleased to let you know that we have uploaded several new ISO recently.

Available ISO List :

CentOS 6.1 /7.1

Debian 8 / 9

Fedora 30

Ubuntu 16.04 /18.04

Windows Server 2016 Standard (English/ 繁體中文/简体中文 )

Windows Server 2019 Standard (English/ 繁體中文

Windows 10 (English/ 繁體中文/简体中文 )

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2016 Standard/ Datacenter (English/ 繁體中文/简体中文 )

Windows Server 2019 Standard/ Datacenter

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 7 Professional

Windows Server 2012 Standard/ Datacenter (繁體中文/简体中文 )

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