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Migrate from Old Panel to New Panel

Answered Thoiruddin 4 years ago


I don't think this is a problem part since your LayerPanel is still new and we are using old panel for our server, pay our bill etc from current panel. After I logging to the LayerPanel, it's seem like my server still not there and I have to change back to old panel. Let's say, if you develop new panel, everything must be transfer from old to new one right?

At the same time, when click Deploy, I didn't see other services which you provide like CloudNet etc. It's just Standard Cloud Server only. I'm not sure if I need to use New Panel or not, I think I might have to wait until it done well.

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Thank you very much to you who’ve helped test the open BETA for LayerPanel v2.0.

The LayerPanel v2.0 is separate with Classic panel which supports API & User Permission Management feature. All of the existing services will keep running on the classic panel until further notice.

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