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CPU / RAM Status

Answered Alan 4 years ago

CPU and RAM is always in 0%

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Thanks for your message.

We would like to collect more details, ticket have been created and looking forward your updates.


Dear testers,The CPU/RAM status is get ready now.

LayerPanel v2.0 open BETA will end at 1:00 PM (HKT), Jul 12th, 2019.Thank you very much to everyone who’ve helped test the open BETA for LayerPanel v2.0. Over the last twelve weeks, we have reviewed over 200 bug reports from testers. These led to our verification of dozens of new and unique bugs. Your efforts have directly contributed to making LayerPanel v2.0 a better experience for everyone when it turns to an official version. Following with the end of open BETA, the testing accounts will transit seamlessly to the official version of LayerPanel v2.0.

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